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Creating Memorable Holiday Gifts & Cards

It’s that time of year! Holiday greetings, whether digital or printed, are on our minds and this year they’re more important than ever. Many of us are distanced from our family and friends meaning a Christmas card, photo gift, or digital album is our only way to be with them this holiday season. So how do you make these uniquely special? The options really are endless but here are a few of my top tips for making your holiday greetings memorable!

Tip #1: Make it YOU

My absolute favorite photography requests begin like this: “This might be a weird idea but can we…?” Every time I hear this phrase I know something unique is coming and I encourage you to bring those ideas to your photographer or friend shooting your holiday pictures. Everyone has seen that traditional picture of a family grouped by the Christmas tree. It’s a beautiful shot but it doesn’t say anything about you and your family. Wear your favorite pajamas or ugly sweaters. Bring your Christmas stockings or heirloom quilts to the shoot. Show us who you are!

Tip #2: Let Kids Be Kids

Of course, we would love to have that perfect photo of every family member in matching outfits smiling at the camera at the exact same time…but kids have their own ideas. They want to wear superhero costumes or two different color (wild) socks. I say let them! After a few shots with tiaras, capes, or rain boots, we can swap them out for candy canes or Santa hats. Don’t sweat the things that make your kids unique. Someday you’ll look back on those photos and laugh at how Greta wouldn’t leave the house without her Wonder Woman tiara.

Tip #3: Tell a Story

This has been quite a year and we all have experiences to share so tell us a story in one picture! Did your family play a different board game every night or get addicted to puzzles? Maybe you discovered a love of hiking or developed a real talent with baking sourdough. (I mean, we all tried it, right?) Decide on a unique theme to share and really go for it. Or even better, have each family member showcase their favorite activity from 2020 in one picture.

Sure, 2020 has been a challenge. That’s exactly why we need to spread that holiday cheer right now. Don’t be afraid to get silly! Share your year, share your family, share YOU!

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